MKV Chrome Pieces

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Item Number Part Number Illus. # Part Name Description Unit Price
Item Number Part Number Illus. # Part Name Description Unit Price
400 252 radiator cap correct original type with rubber gasket, available drilled for mascot ea $120.00
401 C714 radiator cap rubber gasket ea $8.75
402 BD6206 radiator cap mascot correct mascot with triangular base for all SS, MKIV,V ea $216.00
403 1376A knob for bonnet fastener, MKIV, most SS100 Also MKV DHC has 2 used on canopy rail/windshield locks ea $95.00
404 1377 sun visor hinge and mounting bracket for MKIV saloon and MKV DHC no complete assemblies available - I do have parts to repair the originals - please ask! ea $0.00
405 2310/A chrome striker for door lock MKV DHC, all MKIV, SS cars ea $195.00
406 2312 chrome spare tire door lock cover toilet seat shaped for MKIV,V the budget locks themselves are listed elsewhere in this section ea $14.00
407 2286/87 DHC chrome cover plates over door lock pr $79.00
408 CRN-FWP "MADE IN ENGLAND" black on brass plate on firewall on all cars ea $11.50
409 C1024 telescopic chrome steering column dust cover ea $48.00
410 C3366 lower chrome cap for above steering column spring ea $19.00
411 C3386 upper chrome cap for above steering column spring ea $25.00
412 C2987 LH front fender mirror Lucas replica. Specify Flat or Convex glass -standard on DHC; option on saloon ea $21.00
413 C4652 RH front fender mirror as above ea $21.00
414 CRN-CBP Round "LUCAS" backing plate to make the above mirrors truly look like the original units ea $17.00
415 C2650 metal strap across front of battery ea. $33.00
416 C2653 rectangular rubber blocks between battery strap and battery pr. $10.00
417 C2649 threaded brass rods pair- hold strap & battery to firewall pr $14.00
418 C3243 chrome hubcap without medallion remember, there are two areas of these that should that should be painted body color as original; many restored MKV ea $60.00
419 C3243-M hubcap with medallion below ea $74.00
420 C3367 "JAGUAR" hubcap medallion w/fasteners. unfortunately, the current offerings are solid chrome, with no black background as the originals had; these will have to be hand painted in! ea $14.00
423 BD6 GX47 interior door handle for all MKIV models and MKV DHC ea $93.00
424 BD72 GZ74 luggage strap chrome cleats 4 on most cars ea $70.00
425 BD82 GZ87 cast socket for trunk lid lock rods at top side of luggage opening below channels ea $16.00
426 BD109 GZ89 chrome tool lid hinges 3/car ea $74.00
428 BD211/3 saloon chrome carpet retainer @ sill on each door ea $45.00
430 BD552/1 chrome spring-loaded escutcheon between door window winder handle and trim panel on MKIV,V and all MKIV door handles and DHC door handle ea $14.00
431 BD573 chrome glove box hinges these are 1.5 inches wide as the original on MKIV, V ea $33.00
432 BD603 GZ78 chrome trunk handle with base plate use lock from old handle ea. $199.00
434 BD691 chrome sunroof handle ea $50.00
435 1524 HZ33 bonnet hinge support MKIV front and rear, MKV front only- these are now being made in stainless steel and are slightly different but appear original once mounted. ea. $28.00
436 BD1953 HZ34 MKV rear bonnet hinge support these are now only available in bronze and must be chromed to match the originals ea $36.00
437 BD1177 GZ46 locking exterior door handle minus lock for MKIV saloon and MKIV, V DHC. Saloons use l locking handle ea $185.00
439 BD1971/2 rear body trim spears saloon only! pr $185.00
440 BD1977 chrome between doors on saloon ea $32.00
441 BD1978/9 GZ2 1 pair chrome firewall moulding on all MKV pr $180.00
442 BD2126 HZ58 chrome bracket guide for starting handle ea $75.00
443 BD2153/4 HZ7/8 rear number plate trim vertical, left and right pr. $207.00
444 BD2177 chrome blocks for mounting MKV saloon sunvisor; 4/car ea $14.00
446 BD2200 HZ22 front fenders trim piece joining front fenders in front of radiator ea $65.00
447 BD2216 interior door lock knob early MKV saloon; tear drop shaped ea $36.00
448 BD2233 GZ50 window winder handle all MKV ea $65.00
449 BD2507/8 GZ66 DHC rear quarter panel chrome side spears Made in England pr $495.00
451 BD2514 GZ36 door check strap brackets sorry, USED ONLY needing rechrome -for doors on both MKV models ea $25.00
452 BD2550 HZ15 MKV gas filler door lock assembly complete with chrome ea $30.00
453 BD2551 HZ6 MKV chrome skirt lock escutcheons fig leaf shape hinged ea $26.00
454 BD2561 HZ23 headlight pod chrome spear ea $45.00
455 BD3037 jack hole cover metal oval-shaped, for floor behind rear seats ea $32.00
456 BD3432 chrome spring clip retaining jack ratchet on MKV spare tire door ea $15.00
457 BD3981/2 LH or RH (specify) front vent window locking handle late cars only ea. $29.00
458 BD3991 chrome striker plate for above handles ea $21.00
459 BD4045 DHC chrome carpet retainer on sill must be cut to fit ! ea $47.00
460 BD4240 RH round interior door lock knob with arrow ea $24.00
461 BD4241 LH round interior door lock knob with arrow ea $24.00
463 BD4960 LH door sealing fillets on bottom MKV DHC; factory fitted on late cars These are cast aluminum NOS fittings - not chromed as they are hidden. ea $15.00
854 269A/B MK4 windshield clamps 1 pair chrome windshield clamps on the left and right windshield pillars pr. $150.00
859 2026 hood staple chrome loops that the 2 top straps attach to for the Coupe de Ville position on the Mark IV and V DHC's. Held in place by 2 screws ea. ea. $9.95
875 C1988/89 MK4 rear bumper motif with nut chrome base with "J" motif and chrome nut for center of rear bumper on the Mark IV only. ea. $175.00