Mark IV Miscellaneous Goodies

Tools and Literature

Part Number Part Name Description Unit Price
C28 wood handled screwdriver Getting hard to find! These are used only, the correct size and fit in the tool tray perfectly. Condition will vary from near new to well used with plenty of patina! Prices vary depending on condition. ea $32.00
C30 long tommy bar goes in long slot at bottom of tray - about 14 inches long ea $33.00
C32 nesting box spanner 5/16 x 3/8" BSF nests with C31,C33 ea $90.00
C33 nesting box spanner 7/16 x ½" BSF nests with C31,C32 ea $90.00
C34 short tommy bar - pointed end in bottom of tool tray with tire pump hose ea $25.00
C179 longest box spanner in tray for removing spark plugs ea $85.00
C991 black bakelite Tecalemit grease gun only used available ea $95.00
C993 brass tire valve extractor used on 36-51 cars ea $16.00
C994 "King Dick" type large adjustable wrench used only in Shelley, King Dick and unmarked brands reg. $115 ea $85.00
C996 pliers used ea $45.00
C997 New replica tire pump superb quality with original details reproduced as accurately as possible - hose is in correct braid and color -coming soon ea $0.00
C997HA Handle for tire pump wood varnish-coated natural finish ea $15.00
C1001 "DUNLOP" tire irons original style flat tire irons. 2/car ea $19.00
C1002 "LUCAS" distributor screwdriver a beautifully made replica ea $12.00
C1003 feeler gauge super replica as original -almost out of these and no more will be made! ea $35.00
C204/A jack for 36-48 as original ea. $425.00
C205 jack operating handle ea. $159.00
C992 copper/rawhide KO hammer original "Thor" brand ea. $34.00
C995 oil can supurb repro sure to satisfy ea. $20.00
C1054 nozzle for grease gun nests in end of grease gun slot ea. $30.00
endcap end cap for grease gun to replace your damaged unit ea. $35.00
2072 "T" key for budget locks for spare tire door locks ea. $10.00
FNR cut ignition, door lock key We can cut to code the FNR key for your Mark IV or Mark V ignition, gas door and exterior door lock. The key code is stamped into the face of your ignition switch FNR followed by 1 or 2 numbers from 1-25 ea, $15.00
Part Number Part Name Description Unit Price

Jaguar CD ROM for saloons 1936-1961

CDincludes owners manuals, Parts and Service Manuals for all models including MKIV, V.Excellent value! 25.00


all are excellent quality reprints of factory manuals

SS 38-40 2½,3½ Litre & SS100 35.00
Mark IV46-48 2½, 3½ Litre35.00
Mark V49-51 2½, 3½ Litre35.00


38-40SS-100 and SS saloons20.00
38-481½ litre model20.00
MKIVfactory parts catalog No. J.6- LHD only28.00
MKVfactory parts catalog NO. J-7, 1958 ed. 40.00


Mark IV46-48; also covers prewar cars 39-40. However, it is recommended to purchase the Mark V shop manual as a supplement as it covers the engine and transmission in much greater detail. Excellent reprin45.00
Mark Vexcellent quality reprint of original manual50.00